Our Philosophy

“Make the life you want.” – Leslee Holloway (Heather’s Mom)

Our Vision

We are a Heritage Craft School that uses Traditional Tools. By teaching the skills that were once passed down from generation to generation, we hope to preserve and promote the time-honored resourcefulness and skills of New England’s self-sufficient yankees.

Our History

The story of the Mill Hollow School is the story of young people leaving – and adults returning – home. Of learning about where you’re from by experiencing as much of the world as you can, and bringing back all that you have gathered to be a contributing member of your community.

Latest News

Sleepy Dormouse

Dormice that live in temperate climates go through long periods of hibernation lasting six months or more (although do occasionally get up for a snack). They make their nests along …

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At Mill Hollow Works we have a mission to help you live more deliberate, creative and sustainable lives through heritage crafts – yes, we offer craft classes, we work with …