Cooking with Acorns


Learn how to collect, process and prepare Acorns into a variety of exciting, delicious recipes under the instruction of Forager and Nutritionalist, Sandy Littell.  Sunday 11/12, 1-3pm, $30.00



Acorns are extremely nutritious and plentiful, and when prepared properly, a versatile, delicious food source making them a perfect supplement to the family food pantry.  Learn how to harvest and prepare Acorns in a variety of ways under the instruction of Forager and Nutritionalist Sandy Littell.

During the course of the class, Sandy will take students through Acorn collection, processing and preparing (removing tannins) and then how to use the nut meat in a variety of recipes including side dishes, soups, desserts, and even beverages.  Students get the opportunity to sample recipes during class.

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Dates November 12, 2017