Intro to Auto Mechanics : She Can Course


Ladies, ever feel like you’re being taken for a ride by a mechanic? Time to get into the driver’s seat. Be empowered through our next SHE CAN course “Intro to Auto Mechanics” taking place Nov 10 at FIX in Keene. This course will not only show how a car engine works, but will also provide hands-on experience in providing preventative car maintenance.



Our latest She Can! Course, Intro to Auto Mechanics, provides women with the foundation of car mechanics in a peer-supported environment. The goal of this class is to give you a basic knowledge of how your car works so you can communicate confidently with your mechanic and take better care of the car yourself. Here’s what we’ll cover:

Overview of how your car works. We’ll describe the various systems (electrical, fuel, cooling, drivetrain, etc.) We’ll take a look under the hood and we’ll put a car on the lift and look at the underside. 

Basic car care and roadside troubleshooting (tire pressure and fluid checks, changing a tire and jumpstarting a car). 

Common car problems (flat tires, dead batteries, fluid leaks, rust issues, etc.). In this section of the day we’ll also troubleshoot some of your own car questions.

The schedule and curriculum specifics will adjust based on the attendees’ interests. Already know the basics? Stay tuned for intermediate and advanced classes we’ll offer in the future.

This fantastic opportunity to learn about auto mechanics is taking place at Fix automotive shop 47 Victoria Street in Keene.  Students should be prepared to get their hands and clothes dirty. This course will break for a half hour lunch and students are strongly encouraged to bring a bag lunch.

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Dates November 10, 2018