Spoon Carving


Learn basic woodcarving techniques through Wooden Spoon Carving.  While this class provides a hand-tools focused experience (sloyd knife, gouge & hook knife) to carve a spoon, students will also learn tricks-of-the-trade of how to speed-up the carving process through the use of hand-saws & power tools. Additionally, students will learn how to make their own carving blanks through various techniques including a froe, splitting maul & band-saw.   This workshop also includes a tutorial on tool sharpening. 

149 Hurricane Road in Keene, NH,  $65 includes all tools and materials 

March 24, 10-3pm



Learn basic woodcarving techniques through Spoon Carving! 

The spoon, a simple, familiar object with concave and convex surfaces, provides a perfect introductory project to learn basic woodcarving. At it’s simplest a spoon is a straight stick with a shallow bowl at one end,  however can be so elaborate that it provides a challenge to even the most experienced carvers.

While this class provides instruction on working with hand-tools to create a spoon (sloyd knife, hook knife, and gouge), you will also learn various methods on how to speed-up the spoon making process through the use of hand-saws and power-tools (for instance, say you want to start your own Spoon Caring business).  Students will also learn various techniques on creating their own spoon “blank” working with a froe, splitting maul, hand saw & band-saw. 

Cost of this course is $65

Sunday, March 24 10-3pm




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Dates March 24, 2024