Tambour Embroidery: Joy Ornament


Learn the art of Tambour Embroidery by creating a “Joy” ornament.  This ancient embroidery technique uses a tool to create the chain stitch and apply decorative embellishments such as beads. Great for absolute beginners and experienced embroiderers.

Saturday, Dec 16, 10-1pm



Tambour Embroidery is an embroidery technique that uses a hook to create a chain stitch instead of the traditional needle and thread.  This tool can be very versatile when applying different embellishments, such as beads, sequins, feathers, etc.

The name “Tambour” comes from the French word for ‘drum’ and named for the tautness of the fabric when it is stretched in the frame, necessary for the hook to pass through the fabric cleanly without catching the weave. This produces a satisfying thrum noise when the tension is correct.

We will be learning the art of Tambour Embroidery by creating a “Joy” ornament, just in time for the Holiday season. Keep it for your tree, or pass it forward as a great gift.

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Dates December 16, 2023