Tool Sharpening and Restoration Workshop


Don’t throw those rusted chisels and planes away! Invest in learning a variety of tool sharpening and restoration techniques.  Students will be provided a practice tool, however are also welcome to bring their own.

Saturday June 15, 11-3pm



Keeping tools sharp is absolutely necessary for controlled, accurate work. Therefore it’s worthwhile to invest in learning how to sharpen tools correctly.  Time will be spent presenting simple, straightforward methods for creating a razor-sharp edge. From setting and filing a handsaw, to renewing the edge of a drill bit for cutting steel, we will learn to restore tools rather them toss them aside when they are dull.

Got some old tools in your barn, an old block plane or a rusted set of chisels? Great!!  So, how do you restore them and put back the edge? This class provides the answer and guidance on how to return those old tools to working condition.

For this course you’re invited to bring along any old tools that you feel may be candidates for sharpening and restoring, however a practice tool will be provided for students (a tool that is yours for keeping!). Additionally, this class provides you with the dedicated space, time, technology and expertise to restore these tools to working condition.

 $60 (students leave with a small sharpening kit and practice tool).

This class happens at The Craft School Workshop 149 Hurricane Road in Keene


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Dates June 15, 2024