Jam Slam! threw down the fun

Wow, is it really November already? Okay, so I’m a little late getting this Jam Slam! post out, but that’s because we have so much happening here at Mill Hollow Works; canoes are restored and heading out the door, we have pickles fermenting, Acorns are being harvested, AND we’re setting up our public library of rare and awesome DIY books and sharpening our tools in anticipation of our tool lending program (coming in 2018).

Oct 7th we hosted our first, annual Harvest Fair/Open House called Jam Slam! People came to swap, share, and sell jam, pickles, jellies, preserves, in addition, barter, borrow, and buy tools.  A cider pressing station allowed the bold to brave the bees and try their hand at turning apples into cider, quenching their thirst after a turn at hand hewing wood. Also, a little something for the natural foodies and foraging aficionado, demonstrations on making kvass and cooking with Acorns rounded out the day.  It truly was a harvest; lots of food thanks to the award-winning Camo Cookers, knowledge for the taking thanks to our group of fantastic instructors, and good old-fashioned, frugal-family, fun! We’re so thrilled, honored and thankful that so many friends turned out to make Jam Slam! a new old Yankee tradition.