Our Soap-Making Instructor: Kelly Nash

Kelly Nash, single-mother of two boys, self-taught Homesteader, Goat Farmer, Soap Maker, Educator and Certified Yoga Instructor, has been living in the Monadnock area all her life.  Passionate about sustainability,  the mind-body connection and our spiritual connection to Mother Earth,  she’s committed to sharing her knowledge and helping others live more deliberately.

Through high school and college Kelly studied Childhood Education and Curriculum. Becoming a mother in 1999, her journey took a path toward homeopathic remedies.  She began seeking information revolving around alternatives for herself, her family and her animals. She quickly began creating educational experiences for others based around alternative, small scale farming and gardening practices.  Creating, what she calls, an Enhancement Program, bringing the highlights of homesteading to others shares the connectedness between our food, our bodies and our Mother, Earth. This Enhancement Program offers hands on experiences on embryology, vermi-culture, organic gardening and farming, soap and cheese making and has been part of the Surry Village Charter School, the local 4-H, and the Acworth School.

Creating her own Homestead business called Goat Hollow Homestead, LLC.,  Kelly offers “Pure and Simple yet Elegant and Exquisite” soap bars and other Farm to Consumer products. Struggling herself with an Auto Immune Disease, she created formulas to ease her own skin issues in order to minimize pharmaceutical use. She then expanded her soap line to include these specialized soaps, formulated for those with extreme sensitivities. 

A committed “Do-It-Yourself-er”, Kelly’s homesteading skills include breeding and raising livestock, making kefir and kraut, processing meat (start to finish) milking goats and cows, cheese and yogurt making, hoof trimming and administering medicinals, and making a variety of homemade items such as elderberry tinctures, pork sausage, flower and berry wine and much more.

In addition to running her own Homestead, she’s been the Assistant Manager at Flying Cloud Dairy, a grass fed, certified organic, raw milk dairy in Alstead, NH and has worked at Orchard Hill Breadworks as a Baker’s Assistant in East Alstead, NH for 5+ years. Additionally, she was involved with a local Farm to Table program based out of Acworth, NH with Stacey-London Oshkello.

Kelly is currently educating high school students as the Food and Gardener Coordinator at the LEAF Charter School. With Kelly’s guidance, overseen by Dakota Benedetto, the founder and Director of LEAF Charter, students have an opportunity to grow, plan and prepare their lunches everyday.