Our pickles are better than yours…

I hope you didn’t miss another terrific class with Sandy Littell at Mill Hollow Works!  Fermenting Your Own Food – making things with active cultures in them, like real pickles, sauerkraut, kifir, kimchi, yogurt – which can be a little daunting to try at home alone!

Of course you try to eat well, and put good stuff into and onto your family. But you only have so much time, money, and energy by the end of the day.

In classic cartoon fashion, you have a little devil on one shoulder, and a little angel on the other whispering into your ears.

The little devil is a multi-billion-dollar machine that controls the business of fueling and maintaining you. He decides what’s on your local supermarket’s shelves, what ads your kids see, what farmers have to use, and even a warped view of what’s “good for you” that makes it’s way to you on social media.  All for one reason: return on investment – so the rich get richer at the expense of your family’s health.

So who can be the little angel on your right shoulder?  At Mill Hollow Works, we have angels like Sandy (Littell, world-class nutritionist ?); Kelly (Nash, small farmer and soap maker); and Celeste Longacre, (farmer, homesteader and author). They have spent decades working out the truth about how to nourish the body – they can strip away all the confusion and advertising lies in minutes – in a way that you can actually do with limited time and money.

For $30 and a couple hours, you can have a one-on-one interaction with someone who can make you and your family feel and live better; make things that are better than you can buy; use natural, local ingredients; empower yourself – instead of the little devil!