We at the Craft School Mill Hollow Works believe that by teaching people to live in a state of self-reliance, by providing tools and immersive hands-on experiences, they become more connected to life, land and family and live more sustainable, purposeful, joyful lives. We’ve taken up the task of restoring the knowledge crucial to self-reliance and personal dignity by teaching the skills that used to be handed down from generation to generation.


Courses in  Woodworking, Boatbuilding, Carpentry, Masonry, Tinkering, Basketry and more, are part of a curriculum based on fostering three core values: A Sense of Self, a Sense of Place, and a Sense of Connection (to our community, region, and planet). By employing career trades people as instructors, and specializing in the use of traditional hand tools, we bring students a diverse curriculum that combines expertly guided hands-on learning within a unique, inclusive barn style Work Shop in Keene NH.